The Trottos Halloween Haunt

We are waiting for you .....

Some day we will get 2013 - 2014 Years up here! 2016 Marked a new year as we went light on the automation and heavy on the actors.


Video of Haunt 2017 Graveyard (SCP)

Video of Haunt 2016 Graveyard 

Video of Haunt 2015 Graveyard

Video of Haunt 2015 Graveyard

What a great time we had!! Halloween 2012 was a great success, even with Hurricane Sandy making a mess of things. Our power was back on for Wednesday morning and Halloween went on as scheduled.

Video of Haunt 2010

In Color:

Seymour Land Trust Haunt (2010)

Video of Haunt 2008

Video of Haunt 2007